What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

The definition of MPS is broad and varies across environments, but the goal is always the same: to gain control of printing by reducing costs, saving time and energy, and increasing productivity. “Printing” includes the total cost of managing your printers: pages printed, maintenance, IT support, toner and other consumables. With MPS visibility is optimized, revealing problematic areas that are increasing your annual spending.

Our Managed Print Services

The best MPS providers do more than just monitor your printer environment. Our services also:

  • Provide a flexible and simple solution, based on your specific needs, with no start up costs
  • Assess your current environment with upfront data collection
  • Monitor, manage, and optimize printing, including all printer manufacturers
  • Produce day-to-day usage information, as well as highly detailed reports
  • Support you in your goal to reduce your environmental footprint
  • Train your employees for a seamless transition
  • Have proven to exceed expectations in problem solving and ensuring end user satisfaction

The benefits of the SPS turn-key Managed Print Solution

  • No capital outlay to purchase printer hardware
  •  No maintenance contracts to manage
  •  No time wasted on ordering consumables – toner and maintenance kits are shipped proactively
  •  Printing expenses are centrally controlled and managed
  •  One invoice per month based on usage and sorted by Cost Center
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